- Aug 04 2022

Witness the Dawn of the Troll Slayers!

Eerie war horns sound through the air as crimson portals tear open across Ardendale. Terrifying armies unlike any you’ve faced are emerging: a legion of Red Tusk orcs straight from tales of legend are marching across the land, and this time they’re led by a new foe: the dread troll warlord, Rhulkk the Bonesnapper! It will be up to your Noble armies to take to the field and drive these invaders back. . .

But you cannot do it alone. To take on such fearsome foes, you must enlist the aid of some ferocious friends who have battled this threat before.

Witness the Dawn of the Troll Slayers, a new event coming to Kingdom Maker starting August 5 at 12:00 p.m. UTC


Fury of the Scorned

Rhulkk took everything from Krugar. His family. His warband. His love. The only thing left from their passing is a hot coal of burning rage. That all-consuming fury and an unquenchable thirst for revenge are all that drive Krugar. The last time they saw one another, Rhulkk bellowed out a laugh and left Krugar for dead amid the burning ruins of his village. Now Krugar cannot rest until Rhulkk–and all his dreams of conquest–are nothing more than slowly cooling ash.



Tempest of the Desert

A proud elven war leader who hails from a land of burning deserts far beyond the horizon. Khamsin is a peerless warrior, tactician, and a master archer capable of filling the air with a deadly storm of arrows reminiscent of her namesake. She’s got a particular bone to pick with Rhulkk the Bonesnapper. Probably one of the ones he snapped.


Be warned! The trolls and their orc minions are far too dangerous for anyone who isn’t an expert in fighting them to take on, so you’ll need at least the aid of Krugar or Khamsin to stand a chance. These troll slayers deal massive bonus damage to the otherwise unassailable Red Tusk Outposts. They’ll work even better against these new foes if you can recruit them both and include them in the same Army.

Win Over These Warriors

Bad-asses of this caliber won’t fight for just anyone. You’ll need to earn their favor (and their Shards) if you want them in your Army. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to do that.

A special Troll Slayer’s Chest event will be running for all seven days of Dawn of the Troll Slayers. Open any kind of chest to complete its milestones to earn rewards including Troll Slayer Tokens that you can use to open the limited-time Troll Slayer Pack that has a high chance of containing Krugar and Khamsin Shards, as well as Shards for other all-new Champions, Shards for existing Champions, and Champion XP. There will also be three Fill Your Refineries mining events that offer you opportunities to dig up some more Troll Slayer Tokens.

Krugar requires that those he fights for prove themselves. Over the week of the event there will be many ways you can earn Shards to unlock this berserking master of battle. Clear orc and separatist camps, perform research, train your Champions, open Troll Slayer Packs, and defeat Red Tusks to earn his Shards. Don’t forget that you’ll need to recruit Krugar (or Khamsin!) first before you can face off against Rhulkk and his minions.

Khamsin has standards more exacting than Krugar’s, so you’ll have to take on tougher challenges to win her loyalty. There will be five competitive events over the course of Dawn of the Troll Slayers that will each offer the fiercest competitors a chance to earn Khamsin Shards, three of which will earn you enough to unlock Khamsin outright. Of course, it’s always worth competing, since the better you do, the more of her Shards you’ll earn, along with Troll Slayer Tokens and other rewards.

If you’re especially eager to face down Rhulkk and his Red Tusks, special deals on Krugar and Khamsin packs will be available in the Store. If that’s your path, walk it early: the faster you obtain one of the Troll Slayers, the more of their Shards you can earn fighting Rhullk’s forces to level them up!

A Potent Pairing

Krugar and Khamsin are especially potent when combined in the same army. These unlikely allies have joined in common cause to hunt down and annihilate Rhulkk and the Red Tusks wherever they’re found.

Earn as many Krugar and Khamsin Shards as you can. The more you level them up, the more powerful the Red Tusk Outposts you can take on. The more powerful the camp, the more Shards you can earn before the event ends. You’ll really be rolling once both Krugar and Khamsin are in your Army. As a deadly duo they’ll let you take on Red Tusk Outposts that are much higher level than you’d normally be able to handle. Punching up also punches up the rewards you’ll earn, so fortune favors the bold!

It’ll be wise to recruit both Krugar and Khamsin while you have the chance. Rhulkk the Bonesnapper is a hard troll to slay. You can bet that he’ll be back, and you’ll be glad to have the troll slayers at your side when the Red Tusks return in the future.

Don’t rest on your royal laurels. Earn all the new Champion Shards you can before Dawn of the Troll Slayers ends on August 12 at 12:00 a.m. UTC

The threat of Rhulkk’s invasion looms on the horizon. Prepare yourselves for war!

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