- Sep 19 2022

Server Merge Announcement - September 20

A time of celebration is at hand, for soon some of Kingdom Maker’s shards will merge, offering those who call them home new friends, new foes, and new opportunities to build their kingdoms!

Shards to be merged together in this round were chosen based on a variety of factors, including the number of active players.

The following shards will be merged together on September 20, starting at 6:30pm UTC:

After the merge, a welcome gift, which includes a 48 hour protection bubble for your City, will await you. The bubble can be popped early by engaging in PvP, noble interactions, or conquering a Capital or resource parcel. If your City isn’t exactly where you left it, that’s all part of the process, so feel free to explore your new home and conquer new lands.

If your shard isn’t part of this round, there’s no need to fret, more merges are planned for the coming weeks.

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